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20 November 2012 @ 03:33 pm
Title: You Never Said a Word
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kame/Yamapi
Warnings: death, possible mental psychosis, dub-con, supernatural elements, D/s undertones
Word Count: 7k
Summary: Love can overcome a lot of boundaries, and Kame isn't about to let something as stupid as dying keep him from what he wants.

I take the parts that I remember and stitch them back together (to make a creature that will do what I say or love me back)
25 July 2012 @ 07:17 pm
Title: A State of Pretending
Pairing: Yamapi/Jin/Kame - together, and in every combination possible.
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Warnings: prostitution, power play and D/s undertones, organized crime, strippers, infidelity, violence, love triangles, ~feelings~, lots of gratuitously rough sex.
Summary: This is story about wanting someone for all of the wrong reasons, but holding onto to them for all the right ones. In which Yamapi is a crime lord, Kame is a police detective, and Jin the stripper that just might make the entire case crack wide open. No pun intended, of course.
a/n: Originally posted here, and is basically a whole lot of hooker porn, tbh. Please heed the warnings. ♥

You can't fix something until it's broken, and Kame fully intends to break Jin into as many pieces as it takes to fix this.
Hi everyone,

we have just set up a J-Rock/J-Pop related RPG-Forum (in German - so please note that this goes out mainly to the German fans on here or the ones who can speak/write in German) which can be found HERE.

We do have a lot of characters open at the moment as it's still quite new and there will be some more layout changes in the next weeks, but we are already up and posting and would love to have some more people around :)

Currently, we are looking for any and all Japanese celebrities/idols like Arashi, Kanjani8, V6, Tokio,... or any other Johnny's Entertainment group. As mentioned before, many other characters are open, too (e.g. we'd love to find someone willing to write Ayana Sakai or Megumi Ooishi), so if you're looking for a good RPG, just drop by :)
04 April 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Title: Ashes to Ashes
Pairings: Jin/Kame
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Dystopia!AU, violence, futuristic elements and general mind fuckery, confusion between reality and dreams
Summary: A story about remarkable dreams and black and white soul searching; in which Jin loses his compass, and Kame kicks ass at being a vigilante rebel with a machine pistol.
a/n: originally for paint_asmile during fic_the_faith

Like most problems in Jin’s life, it begins with a dream.
20 December 2011 @ 03:41 pm
Title: Escalation
Pairing: Kame/Ueda, Kame as the universal bicycle
Rating: NC-17, warnings for prostitution and cynicism
Summary: brothel!verse. Sometimes it just all becomes too much for Kame to handle.
a/n: so the idea of this ridiculous, stupidity and drama filled kame-centric whorehouse just won’t leave me alone and somehow it’s become a verse all on its’ own. …oops? lol either way, expect more to come soon ♥

It’s past most of the city’s bedtime when Ueda pokes his head into Kame’s narrow room and tells him they have a customer waiting for them downstairs.
01 December 2011 @ 03:18 pm
Title: ALT-ernative
Author-translator: Ellia Bronsky
Beta: None. Possibly, in need of one.
Rating: gradually grows from PG-13 to NC-21 17 in later chapters
Pairing: AKamePin (but I'm biased towards PiN, I think ^.^)
Summary: Alternative version of Jin’s hiatus [in 2007] – why he was temporarily removed from the Agency, what happened afterwards, and also – how Johnny-san profited from it and from many other things ^_^
A\N: I was hoping to translate it in time for the BigBang Challenge (at pinjuice comm) but some circumstances haven't allowed me to do so. Its first 'Season' is completed in Russian and I'm slowly translating it to English. English is not my native language, although I hope it's not that bad ^__^.
(it's in my fanfiction journal, as it's not finished and unbetaed)
X-posted to relevant fic & pairing comms.

PS I don't see the appropriate pairing tag for this, dear mods, please, help! ^_^